Qveen Herby - Mozart feat. Blimes, Gifted Gab

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The official video for Qveen Herby's “Mozart” featuring Blimes and Gifted Gab. Listen on your favorite platform: https://ffm.to/qveen_6


Young unafraid Alexander Wang
Fresh in the game but I’m no beginner
M’s to my name and the people say
I be hitting more scores than Hans Zimmer
Jenner lip filler I just get bigger
When they peak out I be putting up pillars
Pitchin no hitter MJ on Thriller
Reptilian like my rhyme is Godzilla
I’m the illest bitch alive been through the sewage now
Cut a couple deals if it’s trashy I say screw it now
See the enemy ships comin at me and I shoot em down
Say you don’t believe in all the hype but you believe it now

Bitches got me lookin like Mozart
Rhyming on the beat like it’s fine art
Flow so cold diamonds froze hard
Why these bitches got me lookin like Mozart

When I hear this beat I need to dance
Espresso colored pleated pants
Cut off with the tube socks showing
She can help that when she sees me she sees romance
She got get invested in it and purchase stocks I flirt a lot
You woulda thought my daddy was a dentist way I learned to floss
But he’s a blues brother
I only got soul like Birkenstocks
Wolfgang Amadeus
We bang then they pay us
No escort got an S-Corp
With employees and a net worth
Plus I network like the business tier
Or the Wifi listen dry eyes get the vision clear
Ya ya 3 queens on the track but ain’t no bitch in here

Look y’all gon believe the hype
Tryna find I'm sorta like China white
Diamonds on my mic I flow on ice
I know my opulence is awfully bright
I bet you thought you saw the northern lights
Qveen Herb on the scene brings all the knights
I got a thing for the noble type
You keep the peace like the nobel prize
Pussy givin me them Chopin vibes
Look I’m rare like Vermeer
I Van Gogh I might tear off an ear
Salvador Dali got the molly it’s a party over here
Frida Kahlo brought the bottles bitches hoping out the model-T
And Blimes better check the time
Cuz when we leave hoes cry like Lichtenstein
But it’s fine every time I pitch a line I ain’t gotta try hard
I would die for the art

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