LAST 60" - Don't Tell Me S***

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LAST 60" - Don't Tell Me S***.
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”Don’t Tell Me S***” is the first single on EGO from Last 60”, new project from young italian dj & producer born in 1997.

The single features incisive and powerful house elements with deep shapes that will make you dance, since you won't be able to stay still from the first listening!
The alias from the italian talent is interesting, since he always arrives early with the times and it represents the value of time and its speed during life. Often the last and improvised things are always the most beautiful and spontaneous ones.

Davide Zucchi starts his musical path at 6 with piano sessions, at 15 approaching djing and production; in the same years he founded the events organization VISION which hosted many italian and international artists like Marnik, Sunstars, Curbi, Hiisak, Slvr and more.
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