Moonlight Breakfast - Summer

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“We felt like this would be a good moment to share more with our fans. It’s been 8 years since we started playing and we’ve experienced so much and had so much fun along the way! This video is something that we are going to have a lot of fun looking at over time, because it reminds us of places that we’ve been to, foods that we’ve loved, new friends that we’ve made.
It’s about what we were doing when we weren’t on stage like:
• taking a day in-between two gigs at Snow Fest from the French Alps to drive to the Cannes beach, where it was 20 degrees Celsius so we walked around in t-shirts and shorts and had ice cream and slushies.
• looking for seashells at H2O Beach in Romania, where we had our first concert opening for Jamiroquai and where it has become a tradition for us to play.
• the day on a boat on the Danube in Vienna making a video we shot but never uploaded
• driving to a gig with Dan’s (our visual artist) vintage red Toyota on a hot summer day with all the windows open (no air conditioning :)
• spending the entire day at the pool. It’s a good thing we perform at night
• a fun day off at Prater in Vienna
• flying over Sibiu after sound check at the Airfield Festival
• daydreaming by the lake at our favorite Festival in Sierre Switzerland, Weekend Au Bord de L’Eau

It’s the details that stay with you, like: our son’s volleyball on the beach in Valencia, or the wavy ceiling of a restaurant in Odessa, or the neon light from when we got the most delicious pizza slice in Austin, Texas on our day off at SXSW.

We squeezed videos of memories we had from Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Spain, France, Austria and from our first trip to the United States into 3 minutes 43 seconds of joy of life.”
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