Stas Shurins - You Can Be. Teaser 2

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Stas Shurins - You Can Be

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Line producer, DOP: Evreyskiy Evgeniy @evreyskiy
Editor: Eli Trufakin @eli_trufakin
Color Grading: Pavel Melnichenko
Drone: Dmytro Diordiichuk @dmytro.diordiichuk
Producer Kseniya Krutogolova @krutogolowa
Sound design Vadim Kozyr @trumpsound
Mixing Mastering Andrey Ignatchenko @andrey_ignatchenko_iksiy_music
Cover Design by Nadia Pereyaslavskaya @designnadia
Management Iryna Skoryk @iskoryk
PR/Promo Svetlana Pankova @svetapankova
SMM Veronika Kurganskaya @veronikakurganskaya
Drums Pavlo Tereshchenko @pasha_on_drums_23
Bass Eugene Krutogolov @eugenekrutogolov
Guitar Sergey Dyachok
Piano Oleg Presnyak
Author lyrics and music Stas Shurins
Stas Shurins - You Can Be (lyrics)
When your dreams are broken
when you are falling down
keep your eyes wide open
I will be around
somewhere underneath the ocean
when you’ll need some air
running in slow motion
you will find me there

go on! live your life right now!
wake up when the sun goes down!
let it out! light it up! bring it in!
if you lose then you fight and you win!
go on live your life right now!
wake up when the sun goes down!
then you sing “la-da-dy la-dy-day”
you can be who you are if you try!

like the stones are rolling
time is running fast.
if you keep on crawling - you will be the last!
just know that everything is changing only if you care!
what remains is one thing - you will find me there!
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