The Interrupters - "Gave You Everything" (Acoustic)

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"Gave You Everything" (Acoustic):

Aimee Interrupter - Vocals
Kevin Bivona - Guitar
Justin Bivona - Piano
Jesse Bivona - Glockenspiel

Hammond B3 by Billy Kottage
Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Arndt
Mastered by Eric Boulanger


it's an emergency, call the police
you left me and abandoned the lease
and I don’t know why you’re gone
I walk these floors like a country song
oh, where you been? I called all your friends
they were hush hush on what's happening
and I called your momma too, she never could get through to you
I don't care if you love me, don't care if you don't
I don't really care anymore
I gave you everything
I don't care if you come, don't care if you go
I don't really care anymore
I gave you everything
my bags are packed, now you want me back
now you are the one with the panic attack
the pendulum has swung
now I don't need you, don't need anyone
oh, ring, ring, ring, it's a terrible thing
suffering, you won't stop calling
you're beggin' and you plead
but it's too late for apologies

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