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FWM Lyrics:

I stuck around like a champion
Played every round like last one
All you wanna do is ignore me
But I see you watching my stories
You wanna say that I’m too old
A little short for a model
Now it’s not even surprising
Say you “never heard of me” you lying

You don’t gotta love me I got my fans
Not about the money I got my bands
Everything I built with my own two hands
Don’t you wanna give me a chance?

I know you sleep but honestly
What would it take for you to fuck with me
You know I paid my dues I got receipts
All that I want is you to fuck with me

Did you assume I had nothing left
When I blew up on the internet
Signed my life on a contract
Tossed me out like a first draft
Imagine all that I know now
And still a girl from a small town
I know how to work with the damage
Made a work of art from the ashes

Some people be so sleep
And driving me to keep pushing, pushing
How can I speak my peace
Not everybody gon’ listen, listen

I thought real talent would come through for the win
Instead I see them worshipping money and politics
You can’t tell me the system ain’t rigged
When the whole world’s standing still for stupid shit
Got me bitchin and got me wishin
Instead of goin to Chili’s again
You could try a five star kitchen
Make a decision, see what you missin, who’s ass you kissin
Why is it long division just to give a bitch a listen?
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