Introducing NASA Explorers: Apollo, an Audio Series

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Coming soon, NASA Explorers: Apollo is an audio series that tells stories of the Moon and the people who explore it.

During the Apollo program, the Moon became a part of the human domain. Twelve astronauts walked on the lunar surface, conducted research there and collected Moon rocks to bring back to Earth for study. Fifty years after humanity’s first steps on the Moon, today’s lunar scientists are searching for answers to the big questions: How did the Moon form? How did our solar system evolve? Did the Moon help life on Earth get its start?

Meet a Moon detective, scientists who study space rocks and people from all over the world whose lives were shaped by the epic adventures of the Apollo program. You can listen to NASA Explorers: Apollo on: Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Google Play and Facebook Watch.

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Kaliah Hobbs (GSFC Interns): Lead Producer
Haley Reed (ADNET): Lead Producer
Katie Atkinson (GSFC Interns): Narrator
Katie Atkinson (GSFC Interns): Producer
Micheala Sosby (NASA/GSFC): Producer
Aaron E. Lepsch (ADNET): Technical Support

Music credits: "Tycho's Daydream" by Daniel Wyantis

This video is public domain and along with other supporting visualizations can be downloaded from the Scientific Visualization Studio at:


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