IAMX - Bernadette Official Video (English) [HQ]

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Watch the German version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARKq-4goq2A
Download the single at http://www.iamx.eu/bernadette.html
director: a nice idea every day
ad: claire kurylowski
dop: julia franken
production: daniela höller
unit manager: bastian seitz

camera--assitant1: benjamin wistorf
camera--assitant2: christoph hüttner
dit: matthias hecht

lighting: berta valin
model: nicole roscher / seeds
styling: stiina huhtanen
make--up: carina wittmann


You and me in our playhouse
Living in a veil
We never need to go without
Memories bring no joy or peace
We are alone
And all we need

Tuning out of the poison
Every waking day
Intolerance to overcome
Fortunes won by the boys with the guns
We are alone
Nowhere to run

You are my liberty
I celebrate the day
That you changed my history
Life and death
Will always lead you into love and regret
But you have answers
And I have the key
For the door to Bernadette

Winding down our emotions
Family and friends
Becoming ghosts to dream of and pass on
Time will erase every face every name
We are alone
No-one to blame

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