Out now: Armada Exclusive Tracks and Remixes, Vol. 2

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Every once in a while it happens. You hit play, slowly raise the volume, let the beats take over. Until suddenly..it HITS you! And you know...this is something that deserves to be kept exclusive. And so, the A&R's of Armada Music decided to start a new series: Armada Exclusive Tracks & Remixes.
In this special pack, you'll find the hidden gems, the productions that have now been unlocked to do what they're made for: get under your skin, rock the dance floor and simply move you.

Volume 2 of the series kicks off with the previously unheard Moar Levi Remix of Armin van Buuren's 'Rain'. It's proggy, soothing and makes this Cathy Burton collab shine a new light. Romanian producer Adrian Ivan, also known as Mr. Pit, brings in another new moniker, Adiva. He hands in a mix of rousing big room prog and melodic, synth-driven breaks with 'Oxygen', a tune with a special feel to it. Walsh & McAuley present a tender, but energetic tune called 'Transmission' and Ukrainian producer talent Dart Rayne reveals an anthem that rides nothing but uplifting bliss, 'Espada Ropera'. Last but not least, DNS Project and Fast Distance go down the path of scintillating prog-trance with a track named 'Kickdown'.

But there's much more! House master Sharam Jey sees a new remix of his track 'The More That I Do'. The Arkadia remix of this banger is an easy-going prog-house track with trancy influences. Finnish producer Sean Bayer gave one of trance's biggest classics, 'Solid Globe -- North Pole' a 2011 update, with a contagious prog-trance swing. Capstar's 'Do It Easy' was given a new 2011 treatment by Capstar himself! 'Do It Easy' now rides a deep, electrifying sound that'll madden the clubbers. Eddie Bitar, who just released a new single on VANDIT, now presents a strong trancer with a mysterious sound to it, 'Drift'. Exit vs Kent & Gian have the honour of giving the Exclusive pack a banging conclusion, with the techy trance 'PURA'.

And so here we are, presenting you 10 beautiful tracks and remixes. Brand new, unheard and ready to get into your skin!


Hoyaa - Android (Original Mix) (08:00)
Adiva - Oxygen (Original Mix) (07:31)
Walsh & McAuley - Transmission (Original Mix) (06:28)
Dart Rayne - Espada Ropera (Original Mix) (07:22)
DNS Project & Fast Distance - Kickdown (Original Mix) (07:32)
Sharam Jey feat. Nik Valentino - The More That I Do (Arkadia Remix) (07:05)
Solid Globe - North Pole (Sean Bayer Remix) (08:43)
Capstar - Do It Easy (Capstar 2011 Extended Remix) (06:58)
Eddie Bitar - Drift (Original Mix) (07:12)
Exit vs Kent & Gian - PURA [Exit vs Kent & Gian] (Original Mix) (06:24)
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