Sync (by Max Hattler)

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October 2011: In celebration of two imminent honours from the Visual Music Award 2011 and the Premio Simona Gesmundo 2011, Sync is finally making its Vimeo debut! Aaaaand .... Thank you Vimeo for making this a Staff Pick!!! **** SYNC. A CIRCULAR LOOPING ANIMATION PROJECTION INSTALLATION BY MAX HATTLER **** NSFW - DON'T OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY AFTER WATCHING - BEST IN HD FULL-SCREEN WITH SOUND ON HEADPHONES - WITH TIME ON YOUR HANDS - CONTAINS FLICKER! Sync "is based on the idea that there is an underlying unchanging synchronisation at the centre of everything; a sync that was decided at the very beginning of time. Everything follows from it, everything is ruled by it: all time, all physics, all life. And all animation." (Max Hattler, 2011, 'Sync: Circular Adventures in Animation' in Virginie Selavy (ed.) The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology -​books/​the-end/​) For more information + full credits see​sync For updates join​maxhattler.artistpageCast: Max HattlerTags: Max Hattler, Sync, John Whitney, Powers of Ten, universe, time, pavlov, abstract, media art, installation, visual music, symmetry, animation, spiritual, mathematics, physics, mandala, geometry, psychedelic and trippy
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