Basement Jaxx: Where's Your Head At (by Max Hattler)

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This is the HD film festival version of Max Hattler's "Where's Your Head At" visuals for Basement Jaxx.

Split-screen live in concert version:​maxhattler/​wyha-live
Complete credits and screening history:​wyha
Original dimensions: 7x2 m LED screen / 1080x288 px / 15:4
Film festival versions: 720p HD Digital File, Beta SP, DigiBeta, DVD (PAL)

"Connect four on the disco dance floor. Light, liquid, shape and colour locked into a pixel playground." Max Hattler

"madness ... we love it, it looks great!" Basement Jaxx

"... an arena abstraction for Basement Jaxx ... Old school video games and '80s video walls inspired Max Hattler's visuals for Where's Your Head At ... Rather than treat the display as one fluid screen, he took advantage of the grid's '80s video wall look and designed flat, two-dimensional visuals that resemble old school video games such as Tetris." 'boardsCast: Max Hattler, Noriko Okaku, rodrigo vives and Millax firoozianTags: basement jaxx, max hattler, noriko okaku, tour visuals, where's your head at, av, vj, experimental, live, uk, german, video art, hattler, motion graphics, animation, motion design, concert visuals, wyha, motion and graphic
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