a/v: '(O)' (by Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku)

Альбом:Max Hattler

a/v performance premiered at London Short Film Festival, UK, 17 January 2010.

(O) - A new audiovisual live performance by Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku

"Max and Noriko first met when studying Animation together at the Royal College of Art. There are parallels in their animation-based experimental, semi-narrative, non-dialogue approach to working with film and video. Apart from their live work, they have collaborated on several projects ranging from tour visuals for The Egg and Basement Jaxx to stop-motion film Aanaatt and Max's latest short film Spin. With (O), their third collaboration, Max returns to his teenage roots in sound/music-making and makes a first foray into live audio performance, complemented by Noriko's surreal animated visuals." (London Short Film Festival 2010)

norioka.netCast: Max Hattler and Noriko OkakuTags: av, vj, live set, media art, live visuals, expanded cinema, noriko okaku, max hattler, uk, german, japan, live performance, audiovisual, lsff and music

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