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Berry Ball & Bag Lingerie Care Kit

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Don't have $$ to buy a new bra? Extend the life of the ones you already have! With the new, wardrobe (and wallet) saving Berry Ball & Bag.

The care solution set for lingerie & delicates lets you wash your bras, undies, tights, socks even swimwear in the washing machine -- without them being destroyed. Buh-bye tangled and crushed bras, stretched and twisted tights, snagged bathing suits, and lost socks! By protecting your delicates in the washing machine, The Berry Ball & Bag extends the life of your lingerie wardrobe so you don't have to frequently fork out $$ for a new one. And did we mention the power duo saves you valuable time from painstaking hand-washing -- which no one has the time for anyway?

The product is also great as a packing tool to prevent bras from being crushed during travels, as well as a convenient storage tool to keep bra cups in-tact. Quite simply -- the Berry Ball is your bra's new best friend. Get it www.comforthouse.com.
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