Markus Schulz presents Coldharbour Recordings - Best Of 2011

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July 28th 2004 is a date significant to all lovers of the deep, warm and thrilling sound that comes from the quality releases of the Coldharbour label. That day was the kick-off of Markus Schulz' very own label, which has since flourished into a realm for progressive and trance lovers.


Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller - Rotunda (Original Mix) (06:59)
Beat Service - Outsider (Original Mix) (07:00)
Aerofoil - Caress 2 Impress (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) (09:37)
David Barnes - Noodler (Original Mix) (06:11)
Grube & Hovsepian - Invisible (Original Mix) (06:32)
Mario Hammer feat. Asheni - Life Before The Earthquake (Original Mix) (06:48)
Basil O'Glue - Angular Momentum (Original Mix) (07:38)
DNS Project feat. Madelin Zero - Another Day (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) (07:40)
Rex Mundi - When The Sun Is Rising (Original Mix) (06:26)
Khomha - 507 (Original Mix) (07:06)

In 2011, Coldharbour celebrated its 7th birthday and to make sure you haven't missed any of the highlights of this beloved label, Markus Schulz presents 'Coldharbour Recordings -- Best of 2011'. Including tracks by Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller, Beat Service, Aerofoil, Basil O'Glue, Rex Mundi and more!
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