Anna Calvi - Wolf Like Me (Live - Somewhere Along The Line, Part Two)

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Somewhere Along The Line - European Tour, Part Two
Directed By Emma Nathan

"I love the desperation in this song- the original by TV On The Radio is relentless, and terrifying. I find the idea of losing control of oneself very provocative, and the way this idea is explored in Wolf like Me (the protagonist is turning into a werewolf) is humorous but dangerously effective. In my version I wanted to imagine the change is almost happening in slow motion- that there is no fight anymore, but a dreamlike embrace of the inevitable. I wanted the song to feel like a hypnotic prayer. I chose to omit the last verse of the original, and instead allow the guitar to take over, at the point where all control is lost!
This performance of Wolf Like Me was recorded at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels on the 3rd of October 2011. This video also includes tour footage from Berlin, Stockholm, Finland, Amsterdam, Oslo and Rennes." Anna Calvi, 2011
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