Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half Of Me (Shogun Remix)


Out exclusively on Beatport December 26th!
Out on other portals January 9th!

Still peaking charts, rocking nations and moving lovers, makes it the right time to set loose the stunning remixes of Dash Berlin's 'Better Half Of Me' ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn! Part 2 includes the energetic Shogun remix, as well as the tender, break-beatish Rave CHannel remix!
One of the biggest highlights in the career of Dutch producer/DJ Dash Berlin, has been the release of one of the first singles of his upcoming album, 'Better Half Of Me'. A strong trancer, with the heart-rending vocals of Jonathan Mendelsohn, became the object of affection to ten-thousands -- if not millions -- of dance lovers. This highlight now gets a great re-run through the powerful 'The Remixes' package, now ready for its second Part!
US based producer/DJ Shogun has given 'Better Half of Me' an energetic push, stirring it up with sweeping strings, a pulsating beat and heartfelt break. Russian boy-girl duo Rave Channel delivered a new, special touch to the song with their remix. Besides taking us in with a break-beat feel to 'Better Half of Me', they also added the warm, female vocals of Natalia Yakovleva to this beauty. A perfect addition of the 'other half'!
1.Better Half Of Me (Shogun Remix)
2.Better Half Of Me (Shogun Dub Mix)
3.Better Half Of Me (Rave CHannel Remix)
4.Better Half Of Me (Rave CHannel Dub Mix)

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