Klauss Goulart feat. Kid Alien - All My Sorrows (Rain On Me) (Original Mix)

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Out exclusively on Beatport January 16th!
Out on other portals January 2nd!

Brazilian producer Klauss Goulart and mystery project Kid Alien join forces on the ZOUK label. Sit tight, as the playful house beats of 'All My Sorrows' kick in!
In the summer of 2011, is was the mysterious voice of Kid Alien that indulged the listeners of Armin van Buuren's 'Universal Religion Chapter 5' album. Since his track 'The Atmosphere', remixed by M6 & Klauss Goulart, the crowd has been anxiously awaiting a follow-up to this brilliant piece of music. Well, here it is. This time, Kid won't be going solo, as he was invited by no one less than Brazilian producer Klauss Goulart.

No veiling himself in mystery, Klauss became known for tracks like 'Turbulance', 'Deep Universe' and M6 collab 'Hidden Light'.
And from now on, it's also the rousing prog-house sound of 'All My Sorrows (Rain On Me' that will help build him a reputation.
'All My Sorrows (Rain On Me)' is a solid mix of atmospheric prog, maddening house and a strong pair of vocals. A real fire starter for the party lovers, in both the original and Marcelo CIC remix!

1.All My Sorrows (Rain On Me) (Original Mix)
2.All My Sorrows (Rain On Me) (Marcelo CIC Remix)
3.All My Sorrows (Rain On Me) (Instrumental version)
4.All My Sorrows (Rain On Me) (Radio Edit)
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