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"Nomad" is a person who has a nomadic style of life. But in our case we are dealing with a talented musician who chose this name because of his childhood when he had to move with his parents from place to place very often. Now such journeys are in the past, but Nomad still loves to travel and enjoining active life in general. But the main passion of Nomad is music. Influenced by Timbaland's success few years ago, he started to study music programs and to compose his own songs and lyrics in very personal way.

In his second music video 'Sorry' Nomad presents song that reveals true love store based on his own life experience, relationship issues and worries so close to his generation. All Nomad's compositions from his first studio-recorded maxi-single 'It Happened' are quite different, but very honest and touching, so you have a chance to make your own opinion on his music. Hopefully you'll like it! Stay tuned, more tracks and music videos coming soon.

- http://bit.ly/va1NQx

Director - Vladimir Shurubura
(c) 2011 Lavina Digital
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