John O'Callaghan & Kathryn Gallagher - Mess Of A Machine (Extended Mix)

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Out on January 16th exclusively on Beatport!
Available on other portals on January 30th!

The latest single to descent from John O'Callaghan's thirds artist album 'Unfold', is the dark, powerful 'Mess Of A Machine' featuring LA-singer Kathryn Gallagher. Could this be the next big thing to follow-up 'Big Sky'?

Singles 'Perfection', 'Save This Moment', 'Bring Back The Sun' and 'Talk To Me' made up for countless highlight moments in 2011.

Coming from the strong 14-pieced 'Unfold' album created by no one less than Irish producer/DJ John O'Callaghan, these singles put the hands up high, made the shout-outs shatter and the hearts pound faster. As 'Unfold' travels into 2012, it presents its next piece: 'Mess Of A Machine'. Featuring the deep, warm vocals of US vocalist Kathryn Gallagher, this atmospheric and somewhat eerie twist of prog and trance takes you in from the very first note.

With the original sitting on the proggy end, John gave Swiss-based producer Sean Tyas the duty to create a thick, powerful tech-trancy remix. And so he did. Dutchman Sied van Riel takes a completely different path to dance floor fixation, turning it into a playful bass-monster with immediate impact.
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