Goodwin vs. Badwin - Premature Evacuation [HQ]

Альбом:Общий -  Mondo Mini Shows

Fetal shenanigans ensue when an innocent infant and his no-account twin are evicted from the fetus fort they call home.

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Goodwin vs. Badwin - Created by Joshua Bowen and Peter Burton
Directed: Tony Grillo
Designs: Gene Fowler
Animation: Matthew Simpson, Jack Huang, Mike Bledsole, Tony Grillo
Producer: Joshua Bowen
Starring Ian Covell, Chris Clabo, Aubrey Sears
Composers: Brent Barkman, Steve Gadsden
Post Production: Flinch Studios
Associate Producer: Tanya Valentine
Audio Mastering: Tattoo Sound + Music
Sound Design: Steve Gadsden, Tony Grillo

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