Mischa Daniels & Solid Gaz - M4ZZO (Original Mix)

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Out exclusively on Beatport January 23rd!
Out on other portals February 6th!

Nothing beats the results of two Dutchies uniting in the studio. Unless there's three involved! Mister Fame himself, Mischa Daniels, teamed up with the talented duo of Solid Gaz, as they break down the house with the steamy hot 'Fabulous Fame 001' E.P.!
When more than a decade of experience meets up with the young, fresh ideas of youth, the outcome's got to be crazy good. And so is the case with the collaboration between Mischa Daniels and Solid Gaz.

'M4ZZO' is a playful piece of electro-stabs, bouncy beats and thick layers of melody. 'TW3LVE' has the same catchy vibe, with a slight feel of 90's reminiscence and a strong hook. Two peak-time house tracks, destined to please thousands at first play.

1.M4ZZO (Original Mix)
2.M4ZZO (Radio Edit)
3.TW3LVE (Original Mix)
4.TW3LVE (Radio Edit)
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