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Heidi Klum ~ InStyle UK March 2012

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Making of de la sesión de fotos de la supermodelo alemana Heidi Klum para la portada de la revista InStyle en su edición británica de marzo de 2012.
La entrevista contenida en la revista fue hecha antes del anuncio de divorcio de su marido, el cantante Seal. En ella Heidi habló de varios temas personales. Con respecto a sus hábitos alimenticios, asegura que comer... y mucho. No le entusiasma mucho hacer ejercicio, pero su marido la motivaba para cuidarse y tener una alimentación sana.

La alemana de 38 años expresó que vivir rodeada de guardaespaldas no le entusiasma demasiado, pero que es un requisito debido a la exposición que tienen ella y el padre de sus hijos. "Seal y yo tenemos un punto final y es proteger a los chicos. Los guardaespaldas están con ellos hoy (el día de la sesión de fotos), por ejemplo, porque ambos estamos trabajando." Sin embargo, enfatizó que no quiere que los pequeños sean parte de la locura de la fama.

She's going through a difficult time after splitting with husband Seal earlier this month, but before her personal struggles, Heidi Klum took time to put together a cover issue for the March 2012 installment of InStyle UK.

The 38-year-old "Project Runway" star tossed on a sexy Roberto Cavalli silk and lace dress for the Rankin shot front page while featured in a stylish spread and interviewing about family life, fashion and future goals.

Highlights from Miss Klum's interview - which took place before her separation - are as follows. For more, be sure to check out InStyle UK!

On her InStyle photoshoot experience:
"I loved this shoot. It's totally my thing; sophisticated but hip. I'm not afraid of shapes, colors, prints. I'm not worried about fitting in. And what jumped out of my wardrobe at home is the same: the Gallianos, McQueens. I like designers who think outside the box."

On being a jewelry lover over clotheshorse:
"I think it comes from having been a model for so long. Back then, I got to wear everything, but I had to hand it back at the end of the day. Perhaps I trained myself not to want everything. Today, if someone likes something in my wardrobe, they can have it! I do not feel the same way about jewelry, though. I'm such a magpie. I see jewels and have to have them. And they don't need to be expensive; I get things from flea markets, from my travels. Plus I always wear this [she points to the huge yellow diamond on her ring finger]. I get sentimentally attached to accessories in a way I just don't with clothes."

On her diet (or lackthereof):
"I'm always cold. I have low blood pressure and get the spins when I stand up -- so believe me, I eat. A lot. I have to. Right now, I'm going through a phase of eating badly, because Seal has been away. When he's here, we egg each other on. He works out, he eats better than me, he's really fit -- so I have to keep up with them. When he's gone, I develop a popcorn problem."

On being constantly surrounded by bodyguards:
"That's something my husband insists upon; especially when he's away. He says: 'If I can't be there to protect you, I have to have another man who can'. But I do believe if you want to live where the action is, where life moves fast -- you have to accept that that's the way it is. You are a dear in headlights. Sure, I'd rather live in Idaho, but I can't drive to the studio from there. Seal and I do have a bottom-line and it's to protect the kids. Our bodyguards are with them today, for example, because we're both working. We don't want the children to be part of this madness. It's bad enough when he and I go anywhere. I don't want to push or put any of this on them. They'll find their own way."

On working hard to have something to pass on to her children:
"I want to make a brand that can stand alone without me, that I can give to my kids. Every parent wants to pass something along. You worry. Are they going to find the right job? The right person to love, to make them happy? Are they going to get into trouble; drugs, drunk driving? I want to help them -- I think about that more and more as I get older. I'm not worried about wrinkles, I just want to give my children a good foundation."

Photographer: Rankin

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