Tucandeo - Nibiru Original Mix (Coldharbour Selections Part 28)

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It's a busy start to 2012 for Markus Schulz. After bringing in the New Year in Australia and in the midst of cementing his Los Angeles '12 compilation, he plucks three tracks which have received admiration from Global DJ Broadcast listeners and beyond. The 28th edition of his Coldharbour Selections proves that the series is as strong as ever - featuring new tracks from two of the label's established names, as well as a debut from an exciting new talent.

Romania's Mr. Pit (or Adrian Ivan to his family and friends) has been one of Coldharbour's biggest contributors over the past five years, with anthems from Shana to Sky Traffic under his belt. He delivers another with Mosni - which has captivated many live audiences worldwide since Markus showcased the track for the first time at the Escape from Wonderland extravaganza held in California. With further plays on the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour editions in Washington DC and Sydney, as well as the seminal Transmission in Prague, Mosni has become one of the hottest requests in Markus' sets. And with the hypnotic melody it hosts, it's difficult not to see why.

Irish duo Danny Cullen and Kevin Murphy have very quickly become darlings of Coldharbour in the past couple of years under their Tucandeo pseudonym; thanks to their deep basslines and dreamy melodies. Nibiru is the followup to previous label hits such as Far from Reality and Lockdown, and impressed the listeners so much that it picked up the Global DJ Broadcast Global Selection accolade in its first attempt. Nibiru demonstrates that the boys go from strength to strength, and 2012 will be a year where they will continue to rise.

Last but not least, Coldharbour welcomes 20 year old Russian Alexander Sokolov to the family, with his work as Sensetive5 impressing many on the broadcast throughout the past 12 months. Starfall embodies a plethora of quintessential Coldharbour qualities with its dark bassline embedded with layers of rich progression, building towards a beautiful piano-led break and a stomping lead. Debuted by Markus on Global DJ Broadcast in January, the track will receive many additional plaudits as the weeks pass by.

The accumulative effect of the three tracks on offer results in another strong outlay through the Coldharbour Selections platform. 2012 has started brightly for Coldharbour, long may it continue.


Mr. Pit - Mosni (Original Mix) (06:55)
Tucandeo - Nibiru (Original Mix) (07:38)
Sensetive5 - Starfall (Original Mix) (08:07)
Mr. Pit - Mosni (Radio Edit) (03:53)
Tucandeo - Nibiru (Radio Edit) (04:14)
Sensetive5 - Starfall (Radio Edit) (04:11)
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