The making of: DJ Antoine feat. Tom Dice - Sunlight

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Sunlight - The making of!
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Grand Slam, Dance Smash, Top 10 position in the Dutch Top 40... the beat of DJ Antoine and his 'Welcome to St. Tropez' single still resounds in Europe's dance scene. As one of the most successful DJ's and producers in Switzerland, he's had the honour to work with hot and upcoming artists such as Timati, and for his new one with Belgian singer Tom Dice. The young singer, known for his outstanding performance at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with track 'Me And My Guitar', now gives DJ Antoine's 'Sunlight' a warm voice with catchy lyrics.

The DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Original Mix takes you in with a feel-good house sound, captivating strings and rocking beats. For a more proggy touch, try the Mysto & Pizzi remix and for a maddening electric touch, you'll find your beats in the Rene Rodrigezz remix! Next to these hot remixes, there's also the energetic Clubzound remix and a chilled-out, guitar-driven Acoustic Mix.

1. Sunlight (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Radio
2. Sunlight (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark
Original Mix)
3. Sunlight (Mysto & Pizzi Radio Edit)
4. Sunlight (Mysto & Pizzi Extended Mix)
5. Sunlight (Rene Rodrigezz Radio Edit)
6. Sunlight (Rene Rodrigezz Remix)
7. Sunlight (Clubzound Radio Edit)
8. Sunlight (Clubzound Remix)
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