Bibio - Excuses

Альбом:Warp Records

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'Mind Bokeh' is out on April 4th 2011. The original version of 'Excuses' is taken from the album.

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Director: Michael Robinson/Moviate

Co-Director: Stephen Wilkinson


16mm: James Hollenbaugh, Caleb Smith
Super 8mm: Caleb Smith, James Hollenbaugh, Martha Colburn, Stephen Wilkinson, Michael Robinson
Canon 5D: Stephen Wilkinson
Canon 7D: Alyx Bowen
Digital Video: David Mowad, Keith Baughman
Colour Tube Camera: Stephen Wilkinson
Pixelvision, Black and White Tube Camera: Michael Robinson

Editing and VFX:

dre間am www.dre間, Stephen Wilkinson, Michael Robinson

Production stills by Matt Eggsware

*special thanks to Lisa Bennett for the light meter, Kevin Brock, and Salvaging Creativity

Additional Materials:

The Perspex profile mirror was hand made by Holly Fuller

Bokeh masks were laser cut by Richard Roberts.

Thanks to Sam Keating for technical support.

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