Ane Brun "Do You Remember" Teaser - Official (HD)

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*The New Ane Brun Single "Do You Remember" Out May 17th!*
Do You Remember?
They whispered through the branches as they danced with their shadows in the darkest light.
Do You Remember?
They called amongst the dust and memories bathing in the fractured light
Do You Remember?
They cried as the flakes of snow coated dreams kissed her skin.

As her voice dances with the words that leap from her tongue, she sits timelessly on her throne fashioned from the echoes of memories, watching from above the scattered moments and delicately dipping her toes into the splintered thoughts of a dream once dreamt.
And she remembered the place where It All Starts With One.

Thus begins the first step on a journey into Ane Brun's fourth album 'It All Starts With One', to be released in the autumn of 2011. The first single from the album 'Do You Remember' was created with the assistance of three impassioned drummers, Peter Moren (Peter, Björn and John) on bass and the folk duo, First Aid Kit on backing vocals and helps take us deep into the start with a swell of nostalgia and honesty. 'Do You Remember' will be available digitally from May 17th and as a limited edition 7" vinyl, which includes the melancholy tinged B-side "One Last Try", from June 27th.

'It All Starts With One' produced by Tobias Fröberg, promises to be a timeless odyssey in an aging world.

Ane Brun will begin the world tour of her tales of sorrow, strength and sincerity in October 2011
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