AMV - Nostromo - Auriga

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Premiered: 2008-07-06

AURIGA is the name of my main computer when I made this AMV. This AMV has been premiered at Japan Expo AMV Contest 2008 and got 1st place.
I entered this AMV at many contests and won a lot of unexpected awards, trophies and prices.

The premiere at the contest was kinda funny and disappointing since I was part of the staff and I was at the computer when we were showing the AMV. Everything worked fine, huge screen, many people, good sound... and suddenly...

Read the whole story, technic details and direct download HD 60FPS kickass quality :

- 4 months of work
- Was made using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 + Twixtor plugin and Paintshop Pro 8
- Song title is "DJ Spoke -- Watch Them Fall Down"
- Video footage : 49 anime, watch the "Making Of" video for details
- Youtube non-HD audio quality sucks so I
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