Out now: Planet Chill Vol. 2 - Compiled by York

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Kick back, relax and let your ears do the work for you. 'Planet Chill' lets everything else fade to the background, with a quality selection of German producer/DJ York.

The second volume of this tranquilizing series brings you the tunes of Mike Foyle, Saints & Sinners, Kai Tracid, Orjan Nilsen, Free World, Taucher and of course York himself!


Asheni - Only Magic (Chris Wonderful Remix) (06:02)
York & Darren Bailie - Braveheart (Planet Chill Remix) (06:07)
Saints & Sinners - Peace (Michael Woods Remix) (07:27)
Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Original Chillout Mix) (05:08)
Kai Tracid - Contemplate The Reason You Exist (Original Mix) (04:04)
Rebels Without A Cause & York - Red Violin (Mario Hammer's Lonely Robot Chill Mood Mix) (05:50)
Orjan Nilsen - Nocturnal (Album Mix) (04:24)
Chris Wonderful - I Love You (Original Mix) (07:57)
Boot Cut Rockers - New Horizons (Original Mix) (05:00)
Eigenart - Whales Unfinished (Original Mix) (05:41)
York - Immortal (Original Mix) (06:21)
YORK presents Tarmo Tammel - Lost Somewhere (Chillout Version) (06:55)
Free World - Living In a Free World (Original Mix) (06:14)
Boot Cut Rockers - Blue Beach (Original Mix) (05:23)
York feat. Asheni - Iceflowers (Original Mix) (06:05)
Rebels Without A Cause & York - Red Violin (Seven24 & Soty Chill Mix) (05:50)
Taucher - Outside World (Original Mix) (06:22)
One Man Ahead - Waterfall (Original Mix) (05:10)
Samuel Tegaro - In Your Head (Original Mix) (06:44)
Jus Bus & Vinni Hamilton - Sounds Of Revolution (Original Mix) (03:37)
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