National Geographic Magazine on iPad - May 2012

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Check out the contents of National Geographic's iPad issue for May 2012:

Special Content for iPad Edition Includes:
• On Everest daily insight: Follow mountaineer Conrad Anker, photographer Cory Richards and writer Mark Jenkins as they climb Mount Everest and share daily updates of their expedition through photos, videos, maps and more.
• Civil War Re-envisioned video and photo gallery: See how photographer Richard Barnes got shots that blur past and present on a Civil War battlefield and swipe through a gallery of the photos themselves.
• March to Gettysburg interactive map: Tap on the map to follow the troops day-by-day through 1863.
• Civil Rights interactive timeline, video, photo gallery and map: See a timeline from slavery through civil rights, a video of how one person traced her roots to the Somerset community and a map of African-American population changes.
• The Virtuoso videos: Hear the violin-like sound that the male manakin uses to call out to the ladies; see how these small South American birds woos a mate by moonwalking along a branch.
• Egypt Scenes from the Streets video: Follow photographer Alex Majoli into Cairo to witness the excitement on parliament's opening day.
• The Common Hands animation: See how remarkable the hands of various species are.
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