Bubbles and Me - Pilot

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Dave and his trusty bong, Bubbles, visit the park, where Dave dips into a paranoid frenzy, fueled by a gun-wielding Park Ranger. Prepare for friendship...prepare for stickiness...and prepare for friendship in the very first installment of Bubbles an Me.

Created by
Hamilton Craig and Brian Muelhaupt
Written by
Hamilton Craig
Directed and Designed by
Brian Muelhaupt
Dave -- Ron Ogden
Bubbles -- Rafael Garcia
Park Ranger -- Rafael Garcia
Man -- Jeremiah Chapman
Woman -- Branden Chapin
Vomiting Man -- Hamilton Craig
Animated by
Maasa Kuwana-Muelhaupt
Brian Muelhaupt
Additional Coloring by
Matthew S. Cohen
Sound Design by
Phillip Aitken
Music by
Phillip Aitken
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