National Geographic Magazine on iPad- June 2012 Edition

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Check out the June 2012 Edition of National Geographic magazine on iPad. Special content includes:

• Video of an ancient Chinese emperor's life-sized army of an estimated 6.000 clay soldiers. See how they look today and how they most likely looked when they were created 2,000 years ago.
• China's Terracotta Army interactive art showing the soldiers' poses, fragments of paint and equipment such as swords and chariots.
• Real-time updates from a current expedition to climb Mount Everest through daily dispatches, videos and photos
• Solar Flares video showing the sun's surface activity close up.
• Animated model by NASA scientists showing when a space storm will hit Earth and where the effects will be strongest.
• Zoomable map of Yemen' remote Socotra island showing how newly paved roads cutting through delicate landscapes threaten biodiversity and sustainable development.
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