CIRCLE PIT Live at The Red Rattler, Sydney, Australia - Noisey Presents 2 of 3

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Emerging from the bedroom with a fully formed sense of identity, Circle Pit's whole demeanor and aesthetic can be boiled down to one simple mantra: keep it gutter. The appeal of this Sydney duo is that, even as they probe the seamier side of life, they remain inquisitive enough to keep digging, finding beauty in the dirt.

The friendship between Aussie punk mainstays Jack Mannix and Angela Bermuda is at Circle Pit's core. Longtime friends and collaborators, the exploration of that relationship has unfailingly fuelled their work. The pair has been playing music together since the early aughts, when they founded the Sydney avant-punk act Kiosk. Circle Pit picked up in 2008, expanding to a full band shortly thereafter.

In a city where the live venues can be counted on one hand, Circle Pit was an instant revelation. Dance music sets the perennial soundtrack of Sydney, but a handful of local punkers like Dead Farmers and Songs nurtured Bermuda and Mannix as they found a foothold outside of Australia. In a relatively short time their band had cultivated relationships with US labels Siltbreeze, Hardly Art, and Sacred Bones, while forging alliances with likeminded New York rockers Pink Reason and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They put out their debut long player Bruise Constellation in 2010.


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