John Cale - Welcome To Nookie Wood

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This video features the single 'I Wanna Talk 2 U' out now for DL from iTunes:

I Wanna Talk 2 U is the first track to be aired from the forthcoming album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (released October 1st). It's also the album's opening track, of it John says:
"Danger Mouse and I kept trying to find time to record together and we found a 48-hour window a few years back and ended up with something like 3 or 4 songs. When I was recording this album, I realized I'd written a few songs in a similar vein and recalled one of the songs Brian and I started but had never finished. So I thought I'd finish writing it and see if it felt as close to the album as I had begun to envisage. Then when it was done, I thought, it's got the right opening vibe for my story!"

From the off, John envisioned 'an old-school Detroit vibe', something present in the track's urgent wah-wah and insistent stomp. Lyrically however, he has eschewed the usual content of a broken heart or philandering cheater in favour of something all together more John Cale, something much more oblique...
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