Travelin Sal - Hare Scramble 2012, the toughest enduro motocross on Earth

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Sal is in Erzberg, Austria for the most grueling enduro motocross event in the world: the Red Bull Hare Scramble. But before the action, Sal and the production crew take some time to explore their surroundings in the peaceful mountains of Austria -- which of course includes getting some traditional lederhosen and checking out medieval Austrian weaponry. Charging onward to the first day of competition, Sal stumbles into the camp of racers and spectators in the midst of a heavy rain, and soon the event is brought to a halt. In true Austrian fashion everyone calls it a beer day and, among other things, occupy themselves with barrel races and makeshift hot tubs. The next day Sal got a front row seat to the gauntlet of enduro motocross that is the Red Bull Hare Scramble, which set a new record-low for total finishers: Out of 500 competitors, only 7 finished.

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