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Mary-Elizabeth Winstead ~ Asos July 2012

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Entrevista y Making of de la sesión de fotos de la actriz estadounidense Mary-Elizabeth Winstead para la portada de la revista Asos de Julio de 2012.

Mary-Elizabeth Winstead es una actriz estadounidense, conocida por sus diversos papeles desempeñados en películas como Sky High (2005), Death Proof, Destino final 3, Black Christmas (2006), Live Free or Die Hard (2007) y Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010). Fue nominada para un Young Artist Award por su actuación en Passions, y formó parte del elenco de Bobby.

With her new movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" set to hit theaters on June 22nd, Mary Elizabeth Winstead garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the July 2012 issue of ASOS magazine.

The 27-year-old actress looked darling in an ASOS Petite Exclusive Gingham Crop Top with a Felder Felder Metallic Skater Skirt for the Jason Nocito shot front page while talking about topics including her Sundance experience, living in Los Angeles and fashion influences.

Highlights from Miss Winstead's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to ASOS!

On Sundance:
"I look at Sundance every year. And every year, I'm looking to see who's the breakout, who's the new talent that's going to excite me. The fact that I got to be that this year... Sundance has always been a big goal of mine, so to be there with a film that I really care about... Amazing."

On her role seeking mentality:
"At a certain point last year, I said the next film that I do has to be an independent film, and it has to be something that I can really sink my teeth into. I just got lucky that it turned out to be 'Smashed', because I was ready to do two scenes in anything. I just wanted to feel what it was like to do something intimate. I can't believe they trusted me with it. It's always hard for people to believe that an actor can do something they haven't already done before, so I'm very grateful that they gave me the opportunity."

On living in Los Angeles:
"I do love L.A., it took me a while though. For years and years, I thought that I would just live here part-time, because I didn't think I was an L.A. person. But since I've found the neighborhood I live in now, I love it and I miss it when I'm away. This feels like home. Throughout my teen years, when we'd come to L.A. for work, we stayed in one area, and I never really saw this side of the city. I think my mom thought it was unsafe."

On her current influence when it comes to fashion:
"I go back and forth between the '40s, '50s and early '60s. I like the idea of vintage, but still being very clean and modern. Bold shapes and colors, but nothing too fussy. I don't really like the '50s party dresses as much as I used to. Now I'm looking at a much more streamlined silhouette, I guess a little more adult, a little more grown-up."

Music: You're So Quiet by Exlovers

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