Peaking Lights - "Beautiful Dub" (Official Video)

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Following this year's hugely critically acclaimed new album Lucifer, LA duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, AKA Peaking Lights released Lucifer In Dub -- a special collection of dub edits conjured up by Coyes himself which was released through Weird World. 'Beautiful Dub', the album's opening track, is a remixed version of Lucifer's 'Beautiful Son', the track inspired the couple's new born son. Although the dub influences were already there in Lucifer, Coyes had this to say about the Dub album and how the difference in production helped get the sound they desired:

"Both of us really love how Lucifer in Dub turned out. We wanted it to have a different feel with the mastering; Shawn Reed of Night-People who put out our early recordings introduced us to Sonic Boom who we met while on tour and later worked with mastering some of our remixes. He really understood the sound we were after, there was no compromise in the low end, he gets our zone - warm; lush, round, heavy on the psychedelics."

The video was put together by Peaking Lights' friend Mike Seely in San Francisco, and features swirling psychedelic surf images which work effortlessly with the track.

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