Bunheads 1x12 Promo "Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor" (HD)

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"Channing Tatum is a Fine Actor" - Michelle tries to help Truly renegotiate her lease after she is evicted from her shop. Boo asks for Michelle's advice when Carl insists that she meet his parents.

Meanwhile, Michelle is skeptical when Talia sets her up on a blind date with her older boyfriend's friend, and the girls are intrigued by the multi-talented, new kids in town (guest stars Jeanine Mason of "So You Think You Can Dance" and Niko Pepaj).

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Bunheads 1x12 Promo/Preview "Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor"
Bunheads Season 1 Episode 12 Promo
Bunheads S01E12 Promo
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