Itch - "Spooky Kids" (Official Video)

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Watch Clean Bandit's "Crush":
Here's the video for "Spooky Kids" from Itch!
The EP is now live on iTunes:

Itch's heavyweight collection of new solo songs will emerge throughout 2013, and features ingredients that include punk, pop, reggae, folk, and dubstep . First up is the 4 track EP featuring the brilliant 'Spooky Kids'.

The video for "Spooky Kids" shot by The Rads takes an alternative look at the darker side of street life, with feral youngsters terrorising the streets of a modern urban hell. Starting in an underground den a masked crew of kids run riot through the streets of the city and while their behaviour may be verging on the criminal there's no doubt their plight inspires a certain amount of empathy.... Passers-by were actually giving the kids food on the day of the shoot!

It's a stylish yet damning indictment of life in today's society, with disenfranchised youth having no hope but plenty of anger.

Spooky Kids is a tune that is both original and unmistakable, demonstrating a lyrical finesse that is both flourishing and fearless.

Itch was the frontman of the now disbanded The King Blues. Now, as a solo artist, he is unhindered by anything other than the limits of his own tireless imagination, and is developing into one of the UK's s finest and most authentic songwriters.

Itch's debut solo album will be released in the spring of 2013.

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