Modern Family 4x16 Promo "Bad Hair Day" (HD)

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Modern Family 4x16 "Bad Hair Day" - Claire flies solo to her college reunion and runs into a professor she once dated, but when Phil shows up things get really awkward. Back at home, Jay is obsessed with winning his big bowling tournament, and Gloria is running ragged with the baby but won't admit it. Mitchell offers to take baby Joe for a while, and Cameron seizes the opportunity to use him in one of his elaborate photo shoots. However, a wig malfunction leads to unfortunate results and no one wants to be the one to face Gloria, on "Modern Family," Wednesday, February 20th on ABC. Subscribe to televisionpromos on YouTube for more Modern Family season 4 promos in HD!

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Modern Family 4x16 Promo/Preview "Bad Hair Day"
Modern Family Season 4 Episode 16 Promo
Modern Family S04E16 Promo
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