A Rocket To The Moon: Ever Enough [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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A Rocket To The Moon's music video starring Debby Ryan for 'Ever Enough' from the upcoming album, Wild & Free - available March 26th on Fueled By Ramen. Visit http://arockettothemoon.net for more!

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Directed by Mark Staubach

No I'm never gonna leave you darling
Oh I'm never gonna go regardless
Everything inside of me
Is living in your heartbeat
Even when all the lights are fading
Even then if your hope is shaking
I'm here holding on

I will always be yours
Forever and more
Through the push and the pull
I still drown in your love
Drink till I'm drunk
And all that I've done
Is it ever enough?

I'm hanging on the line here baby
I need more than ifs and maybes
Come down from the highest highs
Still searching for the reason why
Now I know what it's like
Reaching from the other side
After all that I've done

For all that it's worth is it worth it
There's more than this heart your deserting
For all that's it worth is it worth's it
How can we know without searching

I will write you this song
To get back what's ours
Would that be enough?
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