Midnight Juggernauts - "Ballad of the War Machine" (Official Video)

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Here's the video for "Ballad of the War Machine," the first taste off Midnight Juggernauts' forthcoming album.

While this is the first official look at the new Midnight Juggernauts clip, the video has previously been living diverse secret lives. In past weeks various versions of the video were covertly leaked under different guises, untitled and with no association to Midnight Juggernauts. Presented as a Soviet art-pop band from decades ago, the videos were spread by Russian colleagues across various blogs, websites and discussion boards from Moscow to Montevideo.

The wide response has been interesting to follow. Most non-Russians believe it to be a long-lost Soviet pop band rediscovered from behind the Iron Curtain. Many Russians felt that the lack of Russian accent revealed it to be a foreign band, perhaps touring Moscow at the time. Others were just annoyed that the video was posted on their World of Warcraft site.

Midnight Juggernauts will return with their new album for 2013.


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