Kasia K8 Rościńska - Somehow

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Music & lyrics: Kasia K8 Rościńska

drums - Grzegorz Dziamka
synth bass - Bartosz Kucz
piano - Łukasz Makowiak
synthesizers, aditional keyboards - Dawid Szmatuła
rhythm programming - Adam Zwierzykowski
background vocals, rhythm programming - Kasia K8 Rościńska
vocals engineered by Sebastian Włodarczyk
mixed by Łukasz Kaczmarek
2nd engineer: Antos Sobucki
recorded at: Instytut Akustyki UAM, Escape Studio Poznań and Sąbułki Production
mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Mastering London.
Foto: Tajo Photography
Graphics: Monika Rutkowska -- fabrykafilmowa.pl

You sit reading a paper
Or you lie on the couch watching some stuff
While I'm in our bed
That once used to be shared
But the best part is when you come and say
You had a meeting, a phone call
And things that kept you away
Some other lady I bet
That's the kind of picture I just don't get

So tell me if it's over
Tell me if it's over
Tell me if its over right now
'Cause I need to get over somehow

My friends, you know the true friends
They always wanna say something but they usually withdraw
Then they say they must go
Then eventually they say "I told you so"
But I, I should have trusted their eyes
I could have realised
But I guess I must have been mesmerized

So now tell me if it's over...

As I look back
I know I fought for anything you fought
And I can't believe
How I think I thought whatever you thought
But I guess that I have been taught
That next time I won't get caught
In a web of lies
As I realized

(Now I'm telling you)
It's finally over
I can feel it's over
I'm telling you it's over right now
It's finally over
We both know it's over
So pack up your life and leave now
'Cause I need some time to get over somehow...
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