Long Winter - Noisey Canada Episode One

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For our first installment in our new Noisey Canada series, we attended the Long Winter, produced by Toronto's very own, Fucked Up.

Fucked Up recognize how bland and grey and unfortunately depressing Canadian winters can be. That's why they launched an event series called the Long Winter.

We went to visit the most recent Long Winter event and besides an incredible live set from Fucked Up themselves, it was completely packed with amazing live music from the likes of Holy Fuck, dance parties, movie screenings, Canadian-made video game demonstrations, and a romantic academic conversation panel about being single in the city.

It could only have been made possible in a giant venue like Toronto's mansion-esque Great Hall. Plus, the whole thing was all ages and pay-what-you-can!

If you wish you were there with us or even if you were but want to relive the evening, enjoy our video feature on the Long Winter!

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