The Good Wife 4x20 Promo "Sex Dolls and Videotape" (HD) [HQ]

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The Good Wife 4x20 "Sex Dolls and Videotape" - As Alicia represents a girl who accuses a classmate of rape, the case takes on a life of its own when the hacker group "Anonymous" takes notice and brings the trial into the public eye via the Internet. Also, Diane continues to be vetted for a possible Illinois Supreme Court seat and Kalinda becomes suspicious of Robyn, on THE GOOD WIFE, Sunday, April 14th on CBS. Jason Biggs returns as tech entrepreneur Dylan Stack. Subscribe to televisionpromos on YouTube for more The Good Wife season 4 promos in HD!

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The Good Wife 4x20 Promo/Preview "Sex Dolls and Videotape"
The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 20 Promo
The Good Wife 4x20 Promo "Sex Dolls and Videotape" (HD)

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