The Pastels - Check My Heart (Official Video)

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'Check My Heart' is the first single taken from the forthcoming Pastels album Slow Summits. Pre-order the album here:
Slow Summits will be released on May 27th through Domino.

'Check My Heart' is all optimism, boldly announced by Katrina Mitchell's intrepid vocal overlaps and Stephen McRobbie's more melancholic counter. The sound is 3D, vivid - The Pastels' love of garage punk, soul crossover and first-wave independent clatter converging all too briefly, winding down the window and racing off into the summertime.

Shot on 16mm film with minimum set-ups, Blair Young's 'Check My Heart' promo is the story of one early spring Saturday in Glasgow. Lives overlap, connect, coincide, the music is a constant; sometimes it's only playing in our heads.
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