Top Plays from Red Bull Midnight Run DC Kickoff

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Red Bull Midnight Run has expanded to nine cities for 2013: New York, Chicago, LA, Philly, DC, Indianapolis, Atlanta, New Orleans and Houston. In each city, 100 invited ballplayers will show off their skills, with only eight being selected to represent their city in the finals later this year in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Round 1 of season two kicked off in D.C. on Saturday, June 1, and it couldn't have gotten off to a better start. D.C. is home to some of the most confident and prideful players in the country. They take the game extremely seriously in the District, and it showed on the court this weekend. It was a level playing field and no team was able to make it through the night without a loss. Each team had size, each team had shooters and ball-handlers, and each team had athleticism.

As the night went on, the games got more and more intense. Especially once John Wall entered the building. Upon his arrival, the players all took it up a notch. He assisted the Dime Magazine crew in evaluating the talent, so he made his presence in the gym felt instantly by grabbing a clipboard and pen and getting to work.

It was a very competitive night of hoops. The players all did their best to leave a lasting impression on the Dime crew and John Wall, hoping to earn that call back for the next round. With 8 more cities left to go, it's going to be a great summer of Midnight Run hoops.

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