What's Up, Doc? (4/10) Movie CLIP - Let's Say Goodbye (1972) HD

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After a messy incident regarding Howard's (Ryan O'Neal) hotel room and his relationship with Eunice, Howard decides that he wants nothing more to do with Judy (Barbra Streisand).

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Cast: Ryan O'Neal, Barbra Streisand
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
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Producer: Peter Bogdanovich, Paul Lewis
Screenwriter: Buck Henry, David Newman, Robert Benton, Peter Bogdanovich
Film Description: With Howard Hawks's Bringing Up Baby (1938) as his blueprint, Peter Bogdanovich resurrected and payed homage to 1930s screwball comedy in What's Up, Doc? (1972). When wacky co-ed Judy Maxwell (Barbra Streisand, in the Katharine Hepburn part) spies nebbishy musicologist Howard Bannister (Ryan O'Neal in bespectacled Cary Grant mode) in a San Francisco hotel lobby, she decides that Howard and his precious igneous rocks are right up her alley. Too bad Howard already has a fianc

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