Assassination Tango (8/9) Movie CLIP - The Gift (2002) HD

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ohn (Robert Duvall) risks life and limb to track down his daughter's birthday gift, even though he knows he's being watched and hunted by his enemies.

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Cast: Jorge Noya, Luciana Pedraza, Robert Duvall
Director: Robert Duvall
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Producer: Steven Brown, Rob Carliner, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Duvall, Raúl Outeda, Linda Reisman
Screenwriter: Robert Duvall
Film Description: Leading man Robert Duvall writes and directs his third feature, the romantic thriller Assassination Tango. John J. (Duvall) is an aging hit man who has settled down into family life in New York with teacher Maggie (Kathy Baker). After he is offered a good sum of money, he accepts a job to kill an Argentinean General in Buenos Aires. When he gets there, he finds out he has to wait three weeks to finish the job, so he stays in Argentina and studies the tango. He meets young dancer Manuela (real-life girlfriend Luciana Pedraza making her film debut) and the two become dance partners and begin to flirt with one another. Meanwhile, the assignment lingers.

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