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Juggernaut (3/12) Movie CLIP - Ransom Instructions (1974) HD

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Nicholas (Ian Holm) receives ransom instructions from Juggernaut while McCleod (Anthony Hopkins) chases down the call.

TM & © MGM (2012)
Cast: Julian Glover, Ian Holm, Anthony Hopkins, Freddie Jones, Richard Moore, Howard Southern
Director: Richard Lester
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Producer: Denis O'Dell, David V. Picker, Richard Alan Simmons
Screenwriter: Alan Plater, Richard Alan Simmons
Film Description: Following his successful foray into swashbuckler comedy with The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers, director Richard Lester made what has proved to be one of the few quality films from the disaster craze that dominated filmmaking in the mid-'70s. Juggernaut is the pseudonym of a madman (Freddie Jones) who plants several steel drums aboard a luxury liner and calls the company's officials once the boat has put out to sea, demanding a large sum of money in exchange for instructions on how to defuse bombs inside the drums. Anthony Hopkins plays one of the company officials whose wife and children are aboard the ship, Omar Sharif is the ship's captain, Shirley Knight is a passenger who is also his mistress, and Richard Harris and David Hemmings are two members of the bomb disposal team, which is helicoptered onto the ship to defuse the explosives. As in many of Lester's best works, humor pops up in unexpected places; particularly memorable are Harris as the weary but wisecracking top dog among the explosives experts and Lester regular Roy Kinnear as a bumbling entertainment director desperately trying to distract the apprehensive passengers.

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