Hollywood Shuffle (2/12) Movie CLIP - Black Acting School (1987) HD

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Bobby (Robert Townsend) introduces Hollywood's first Black Acting School, complete with Jive Talk 101 and other offensive stereotypes.

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Cast: Robert Townsend, Jimmy Woodard
Director: Robert Townsend
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Producer: Carl Craig, Richard Cummings Jr., Robert Townsend
Screenwriter: Dom Irrera, Robert Townsend, Keenen Ivory Wayans
Film Description: This satirical look at the ambivalent relationship between Hollywood power brokers and African-American performers marked the writing, producing, and directing debut of Robert Townsend. The filmmaker also stars as Bobby Taylor, a struggling actor looking for his big break despite his family's and co-workers' reservations about his chosen career path. While working a day job flipping burgers, Bobby heads out to insulting cattle calls where white casting agents pass judgement on whether he seems "black enough." Meanwhile, he imagines himself playing Sam Spade, Rambo, and other movie heroes rather than the stereotypical roles actually available to him. When Bobby actually does win one such pimp-daddy part, however, he is forced to choose between accepting work that opens doors, but ultimately demeans him and returning to obscurity with his principles intact. Hollywood Shuffle's enormous supporting cast includes a wealth of black actors, from then-unknowns such as Damon Wayans to veterans such as 227 star Helen Martin. Self-financed and filmed on scraps of hand-me-down celluloid, the film helped establish actor Townsend as a director of note and also kick-started the career of co-screenwriter and co-star Keenen Ivory Wayans, who would cast Townsend in his own directorial debut the following year.

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